Dempster’s Detroit Rocks! Joins The Detroit Talk Radio Network

Dempster’s Detroit Rocks! Joins The Detroit Talk Radio Network

Friday, 11 August 2017
Detroit Rocks Radio

Music lovers from Detroit, Michigan and around the world have been enjoying great music, entertainment and discussion from Robert Dempster since launching his DETROIT ROCKS! broadcast on the Detroit Music Station earlier this year. We are now very happy to report that, due to very popular demand, he will be expanding his reach to include the faithful listeners of Detroit Talk Radio.

Tune in each week and check out Dempster’s eclectic group of guests discuss the hottest topics in the news each week. Typical guests include musicians, politicians, leaders of industry, and cool and interesting people that are helping change our city – and our country – for the better. Here you will meet only positive people with positive ideas who are making things happen. Like this week’s guest,for example: Judge Jodi discusses her campaign to help combat the opioid crisis. Listen as she discusses how she became so involved with this epidemic and how she is trying to help bring awareness to this area’s most effected communities.

Detroit Rock’s can be heard live each Friday at noon right here on Detroit Talk Radio.

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